Club Structure

Members of Enigma Gymnastics Club are organised into groups according to their age, gender, ability, experience and individual needs. Integrated into our programme of classes is our Jump Up, Jump Down section of our Club. This programme is in partnership with Disability Sport Fife.

Our Head Coach welcomes parental discussion around training programmes and your child’s needs with you as well as the gymnast themselves.

All children participate in the British Gymnastics Awards programme during class time. Our classes are structured around the skills within the programme. Children, dependant on age and ability, are assessed on the skills they have been practising during the Spring term.  There are 5 different programmes in use dependant on age and ability:

  1. The Pre-School Gymnastics Award Scheme developed for children from 3 years focuses on the development of physical literacy and movement skills. Children learn the three fundamental building blocks of movement – Action, Balance and Coordination, with a range of 40 different activities to choose from. The scheme introduces children to physical activity in a fun yet structured environment so that they can safely learn and experiment action, balance and coordination activities.
  2. The Core Proficiency Gymnastics Award scheme follows on from Pre- School for beginners and children aged 5years & upwards the scheme assists in the progressive development of core skills such as balance, strength, flexibility and co-ordination and incorporates compulsory pulse raising activities. There are 10 types of activity and 8 levels of attainment. Participants can choose from a selection of 80 activities to develop core skills.
  3. The Advanced Proficiency Gymnastics Award scheme is for children aged 11 years & upwards, it assists in the development of Core fitness (Strength, power, flexibility, co-ordination) and gymnastics skills for the coaching of more advanced skills for use in clubs, schools and leisure centres. The scheme offers a range of activities including Fitness, Floor, Vault & Rebound, Apparatus, Pairs & Groups, Hand Held Apparatus and Dance & Aerobics. It broadly underpins development work for Grades, the Next Step Competition Framework and National Development Programmes.
  4. The POW! Academy is an initiative created by British Gymnastics and The Powerpuff Girls, linked to our hugely popular Core Proficiency Award Scheme.  Aimed at budding gymnasts aged 5-11 years, the POW! Academy challenges gymnasts to showcase their talents, to be proud of their achievements and display their skills in a brand new way. The POW! Academy challenges gymnasts to link together the skills that they have mastered within their Core Proficiency Awards to create exciting sequences around 8 key qualities: fun, creative, active, power, confidence, friendship, positive energy, team spirit.
  5. GymFit is a programme which can be used to improve the general fitness and physical condition of older gymnasts via a series of fun and challenging exercise work cards. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced work cards which work the upper body, lower body, core and cardio-vascular system.

Once gymnasts pass an award, they will receive a letter advising the level of award they have achieved. A certificate and badge can be purchased at a cost of £2.50.

Training Year

All training will run during school terms.   The Club’s terms are as follows unless Covid-19: Local Protection Levels impose anything different:

  • W/c 11th December 2020  to w/e 20th December 2020
  • W/c 15th  January 2021 to w/e 14th February 2021
  • w/c 26th February 2021 to w/e 28th March 2021
  • W/c 16th April 2021 to w/e 16th May 2021
  • W/c 28th May 2021 to w/e 27th June 2021

Training Fees

To join our club, club membership and British/Scottish Gymnastics memberships are required. These are paid on an annual basis. Club memberships for Junior, Adult and Associate are renewed at our registration day or throughout the year depending on when a participant joins the club. Membership is annual and subscription year is August to July. If a member joins part way through the year full membership is required to be paid.

British/Scottish Gymnastics memberships are renewed on 1st October each year. This membership must be in place before the participant actively takes part in our training sessions. This payment is done online direct with British/Scottish Gymnastics. Once a young person joins our Club the information on how to make this payment is passed on.

Fees are listed below and include an optional 50/50 fundraiser fee (£4). The fees are calculated on a monthly basis:

45 mins per week                               –           £12.00 per month

1.5 hrs per week                                      –     £18.00 per month

Reference is made to 50/50 fundraiser activity. For four pounds per month, amounting to an extra £1 per week, it’s a great way to help the club fundraise for equipment whilst also being in the mix to win a sizable amount. Our fundraiser is drawn 3 times per year, its open to members and friends of the Club with half of the money raised paid out to lucky winners and the other half helping our Club to raise funds for much needed equipment or discounting club merchandise for all.

Incorporated into the hourly rates are potential missed hours due to school / community use closures (i.e. In-service training days, school holidays).